Part number: JOOBY JWM4-130P-LRIR


Ultrasonic water meter

The JOOBY JWM ultrasonic water meter is a reading device for measuring cold and hot water consumption in residential buildings, offices, and industrial facilities. The ultrasonic technology allows for accurate measurements without moving parts. The device features a two-row LCD for easy data readings. 

Data can also be monitored in real time via LoRaWAN or IoT connection. The meter runs on long-life batteries and its functions include an archive of readings, event logs, and alarms. It can detect leaks, pipe ruptures, reverse flow, and other problems.

Nominal water consumption for this model is 4 m3/h.

*LoRaWAN is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

  • Water flow measurement without moving parts Bi-directional flow measurements
  • High-accuracy calculation of water consumption Flow direction indication
  • Long-term measurement stability and reliability Meter parameterization
  • 9 and 5 digits, two-line LCD, total volume, and instantaneous flow rate indication Durable composite body food grade fiber-filled PPA-GF40
  • Sensitive in low flows: down to 1 L/h Measurement units: m3-L/h
  • Compatible with LoRa IoT technologies Flow presence animation
  • Open API for new integration with supplier’s accounting systems DSP measurement core
  • Already connected to Jooby RDC Two independent cores for measurement and communication
  • Temperature classes: T30, T50, T30/90, T90 Battery health remote control and adaptive passivation algorithm for its maintenance
  • Nominal flow: 4 m3/h Metering archive registration
  • Wide measurement range: Q3/Q1 = R 250 3-month hourly log capacity
  • Installation in any position 2-year daily log capacity
  • Environment classes: E2/M1/B 256 last alarm and events log
  • Protection class: IP68 Transport mode for low battery consumption
  • Pressure class: PN16 Automatic disabling of transport mode after the flow of some liters of water
  • Maintenance-free Automatic activation after quitting from transport mode
  • Battery lifetime: more than 16 years OTA (ABP) LoRaWAN server connection
  • Two independent batteries for flow measurement and communication core

Product information


The meter is installed with mounting fittings and cap nuts of an appropriate size. Once installed and filled with water, it is ready for activation and can be connected to a LoRaWAN network to transmit water consumption readings to your accounting system.

The device can store hourly readings for three months and daily readings for two years in a dedicated log. In addition, the log can store 256 latest events or alarms.

The meter is powered by two individual 3.6 V batteries with a battery life of 15 years.

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