From idea to project launch

Jooby offers smart lighting and automates power, gas, heat, and water readings. We launch both standard and customized projects. Our support team is there to help both during and after the project launch.

We offer turnkey smart street lighting for both municipalities and companies. We help to select, buy, and install luminaries, network equipment, and support structures. Our offer includes the design of the lighting, taking into account energy-saving and reducing operating costs, also training the client’s employees.

Jooby offers a remote reading solution to resource providers, municipalities, and managing companies. We introduce reading automation for associations of co-owners of apartment buildings and project developers.

The Jooby brand belongs to the Infomir group of companies. Since 1994, we have been releasing software products, industrial and consumer electronics. The head office and production capacities of Infomir are located in Ukraine. Infomir’s distribution and logistics centers operate in Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, the USA, and the UAE. This helps us ensure uninterrupted manufacture and efficient logistics.

Smart City Department managers

  • Marakhovskyi Pavel

    Head of the Jooby Smart City Department

  • Gavrushenko Andrey

    Sales Department, remote data collection solution

  • Malyarov Egor

    Sales Department, remote data collection solution

Made in Europe

In Ukraine and Switzerland, Jooby laboratories create comprehensive solutions for smart lighting and automatic resource metering. They include hardware, software, consulting, and technical support. Jooby platform is designed for both local and large-scale projects.

We produce solutions at our own factory in Odesa, so without hesitation, we provide a seven-year warranty and easily tailor new configurations to the needs of our customers.