Gateways for data collection in LoRaWAN networks

Jooby Gateways: Developed for superior reliability and efficiency in LoRaWAN data acquisition. Jooby’s compact gateways are available in 8 or 16 channel models, with optional battery configurations, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor IoT devices across utilities such as water, gas, heat, and electricity.

Tailored data solutions for 
diverse market needs

  • Integrators

    Leverage our advanced gateways to integrate scalable data acquisition systems in your projects, enhancing efficiency and connectivity.

  • Distributors

    Partner with us to bring cutting-edge LoRaWAN solutions to a broader market, featuring top-tier technical support and competitive pricing.

  • Network Operators

    Utilize our reliable and secure gateways to expand and upgrade your network infrastructure, ensuring robust data flow and connectivity.

Key Benefits of Our Gateway Solutions

  • 01 Competitive Pricing:

    Our gateways are offered at a cost-effective price point, ensuring that you get high-quality technology without the premium cost.

  • 02 European Quality Assurance:

    Our gateways guarantee superior design and durability. This commitment to quality ensures reliability and longevity in challenging operational environments.

  • 03 Inclusive LoRa Antenna:

    Each gateway includes a powerful 8 dBi LoRa antenna at no additional cost — a feature that often charged extra by competitors often charge extra for. This inclusion enhances the range and effectiveness of data transmission without extra investment.

  • 04 Integrated GSM Antenna:

    Our solutions are also equipped with a GSM antenna, enabling versatile connectivity options. This feature allows for uninterrupted data transfer even in remote or infrastructure-challenged areas, ensuring consistent service and data flow.

Use Cases of Our Gateways

Explore the potential of Jooby gateways in diverse sectors through our tailored LoRaWAN solutions. These devices empower users across industries to harness data for more informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Smart Energy

    Enhance sustainability with our solutions that enable advanced energy management through monitoring and automated controls.

  • Smart Cities

    Integrating our technology into urban infrastructure improves public services and sustainability through efficient resource management.

  • Smart Agriculture

    Optimize farming with real-time monitoring of soil, weather, and crop health, increasing yields and reducing chemical use.

  • Smart Environmental Monitoring

    Key in environmental monitoring, our devices track air quality, water purity, and wildlife, supporting proactive conservation efforts.

  • Smart Industries

    Boost industrial efficiency and safety by enhancing IoT integration for automation, maintenance, and operational streamlining.

  • Smart Transportation

    Revolutionize transportation management and planning with real-time monitoring of vehicle fleets and transit systems, reducing emissions and improving safety.

Jooby’s radio modules and sensors

Picture Part Number Backhaul Connectivity Battery Ingress Protection Antennas Operating Frequency RRP, EUR Datasheet
Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 300 EU Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 300 EU No IP67 248 Download
Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 400 EU Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 400 EU No IP67 366.50 Download
Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 401 EU Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 401 EU 4G Worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback, and Ethernet (RJ45) Yes IP67 GNSS, 4G (LTE), LoRa all external EU868, US915

Optional: AS923, AU915, KR920, IN865, EU868, US915, EU868, US915
414.00 Download
Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 402 EU Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 402 EU No IP67 466.10 Download
Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 403 EU Jooby Outdoor Gateway LoRaWAN 403 EU Yes IP67 514.10 Download

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