Part number: Jooby Aquaris SNS WISC01 100


Smart external connection sensor for Schloesser water meters

This inductive sensor is designed to transmit data from analog water meters to the pulse radio module Jooby OMNI RM LoRaWAN 4PU 200/204/205 EU.

The device is connected to the radio module and installed on the water meter’s enclosure. After activation, the external sensor records the number of revolutions of the water meter’s measuring hand and transmits impulses to the radio module.

*LoRaWAN is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

  • Remote data collection Schloesser ETK-EAX ETW-MFS-ECO (Art.No 25102, 25103) DT28030801 DT28041302*
  • Average lifetime 10 years (1 data transfer per day)**
  • Mounting up to 5 minutes

*The complete list of compatible meter models is shown in the table below **Service life depends on data transfer frequency

Product information


The sensor starts reading water consumption data immediately after activation of the radio module. The data is received by the radio module in the form of counted pulses and their number corresponds to the number of revolutions of the water meter’s hand or a multiple of it.

The information is transmitted through a 1.5 meter long cable with a PY07-6 connector.

All data received from the sensor is stored in the radio module’s non-volatile memory. The device then transmits this information to the resource provider’s server via the LoRaWAN network at defined time intervals.

The system transforms the received data into a format that can be accessed by the resource provider for monitoring, analyzing, and managing via the administration panel.

Sensor Specifications
  • Sensor model – Jooby Aquaris SNS WISC01 100
  • Water meter model – Schloesser
    ETW-MFS-ECO (Art.No 25102, 25103)
  • Pulse coefficient – 1 pulse per 100 liter
  • Operating temperature – 1 °C … 60 °C

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