Jooby’s solution allows you to automate resource accounting, get timely and accurate consumption data, and detect leaks and theft.

With Jooby RDC, resource and management companies, condominiums, developers, and municipal authorities will be able to quickly identify improper use and learn about accidents. In addition, service companies and integrators will be able to provide accounting automation services to their customers. All this will help to optimize and automate resource accounting.

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A solution for
remote data collection

Jooby’s devices are designed to collect and transmit water, gas, electricity, and heat readings to a metering system over a wireless LoRaWAN network. This allows you to fully automate meter readings and promptly receive accurate data. The device is installed on the meter body, so operation and measurements remain unchanged. Moreover, the system offers an API allowing you to generate reports in your own software.

Why our offer is unique

Infomir has Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printing lines. Thanks to this technology, the company can adapt sensors for any water, gas and heat meters in the shortest possible time.

Business model

Infomir offers a profitable and convenient cooperation model. Our team installs all the devices, so clients don’t need to buy and mount any radio modules themselves. All you need to do is give us access to your meters and gateway installation sites. After that, simply pay a monthly subscription fee for the data received.

  • Jooby devices delivery

    Jooby devices delivery

  • Pilot project start (up to 3 months)

    Pilot project start (up to 3 months)

  • Scale to all points of account

    Scale to all points of account

  • Conclusion of an agreement*

    Conclusion of an agreement*

*You contract with the manufacturer’s authorized representative in Germany, thereby avoiding the red tape of international agreements.

Benefits of our solution
for municipalities

  • Remote meter reading collection
  • Fast creation of balance sheets and reports
  • Keep accurate consumption records
  • Cut data collection costs
  • Prevent resource theft
  • Quickly find resource leaks

Jooby’s radio modules and sensors

Benefits of our devices

  • Installation in minutes and
    activation via the app
  • Remote transmission interval
  • Tampering attempts
    and magnetic exposure alerts
  • Customizable consumption logs tailored
    to the client’s needs (hourly, daily, monthly, and annually)
  • Service life from 5 to 15 years before battery replacement is necessary (depending on data transmission
    rate and terrain)
  • Five-year warranty

Jooby RDC software

Reports and UIs to monitor devices and collect readings 24/7.

  • Full data collection without requiring access to meters
  • Reports in your required formats
  • Flexible location settings
  • Alerts: disconnection, magnetic exposure, tampering attempts, andlow battery
  • A separate page for each meter with a detailed reading history

How it works

Scheme How it works
*The system meets the personal data protection requirements under the GDPR

Project portfolio

For over 15 years, Jooby’s team has completed projects to provide users with smart radio modules and helped developers and resource companies integrate automatic remote data accounting.For over 15 years, Jooby’s team has completed projects to provide users with smart radio modules and helped developers and resource companies integrate automatic remote data accounting.


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