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European cities are increasingly introducing smart technologies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business by becoming Jooby’s partner. We offer everything you need for automating resource consumption accounting:

  • LoRa-enabled radio modules and sensors
  • Cloud-based network server services
  • Gateway
  • Custom server for data processing and storage
  • Product customization upon request

Jooby offers complete solutions and can supply any of them separately upon request. Order a test kit to make sure our devices are a perfect fit for your project.

Partnership opportunities

  • Get special terms for your project (leasing, Opex, or SaaS)
  • Become our partner not only financially but also in terms of technical adaptation
  • Expand the line of standard devices and make additional products backed by our R&D expertise
  • Be a distributor of our solutions and customized products

Benefits of cooperation with us

  • Additive manufacturing: We make customized sensor cases for any meters.
  • In-house R&D: We promptly implement innovative ideas and proposals.
  • 20 years of experience in the market of integrators and service companies: We know the needs and requests of customers.
  • In-house technical support: We respond to tickets as fast as possible and help fix any issues.
  • Flexible terms of partnership: From purchasing devices to implementing joint projects based on your ideas.
  • Made in Europe: Reliable and durable devices made in Europe.
  • Reasonable prices: Affordable prices for European-quality products.

Business models

We have two types of customer business models: OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenses).

  • OPEX business model

    For municipalities, integrators, and operators, we offer an OPEX-oriented business model based on providing solutions “as a service.” You can pay a monthly subscription fee for the use of our solutions or pay for the number of accounting points connected to the account.

    This approach avoids large initial investments and reduces financial risks for customers, as they only pay for actual use of the product.

  • CAPEX business model

    For customers who prefer capital expenses, we offer a CAPEX-oriented business model. In this case, you can buy licenses to install our solutions or equipment in your systems. This gives you the right to own the product and use it without restrictions.

    This business model option may be preferable for customers who already have their own IT infrastructure and resources for its support and maintenance.

Your potential clients

  • Municipalities and utilities
  • Condominiums
  • Management companies
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Recreational centers
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Landlords
  • Suppliers

How it works

Scheme How it works
*The system meets the personal data protection requirements under the GDPR

What it includes

  • Radio module

    Connects to the meter and collects its readings. It then transmits the data to the base station over a LoRaWAN wireless network.

  • Base station

    Collects data from authorized radio modules. It receives signals from devices within a radius of 5–15 km, depending on the urban density. After that, it transmits consumption data to the supplier’s network server via an Internet connection.

  • Network server

    Receives data from all base stations in the locality and transmits it to the client’s server for further processing.

  • Client server

    Receives data on each radio module in the supplier’s database from the network server. It also keeps all collected data on consumption and devices organized in the admin panel app.

  • Admin panel and app

    Helps suppliers monitor how the entire system works around the clock. The panel contains data on where the radio module is located and how many resources the consumer spent per unit of time. If required, the admin panel alerts you about attempts at tampering or leakage. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The admin panel is available from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Jooby’s radio modules and sensors

Benefits for end users

  • 1

    Hourly, daily, monthly, and annual consumption logs

  • 2

    Setting the data transmission rate remotely

  • 3

    Flexible control: device settings by meter types and locations

  • 4

    Customer service and support

  • 5

    Fast and simple installation qualifications (all devices are plug-and-play)

  • 6

    Cutting operating costs for resource accounting: the device’s service life ranges from 5 to 15 years

  • 7

    Prompt monitoring: the system reacts if the device is out of order, allowing you to quickly fix it

  • 8

    Low operating costs and high network scalability

  • 9

    Integrating devices into an existing dispatch system (API + documentation) as fast as possible

  • 10

    Multilingual UI (the desired language can be quickly implemented)

Why our offer is unique

  • We make unique devices for all types of meters using our in-house industrial 3D printing line HP Multi Jet Fusion.
  • We offer ready-made solutions for devices with various types of data reading.
  • We manufacture and deliver products in a short time.
  • We deploy industrial accounting systems as fast as possible using in-house system components.

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