JOOBY RDC Online demo

Welcome to the Jooby RDC online demo! The demo provides you with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with our range of real-time solutions. Using the video stream feature, you can watch the Jooby radio module’s performance and Jooby RDC Dashboard functionality in action. This will help you understand how the solution works and be confident regarding its effectiveness.

  • Jooby RDC solution package

    Jooby RDC (Remote Data Collection) is a comprehensive solution designed to monitor and collect resource consumption data. The solution package includes Jooby radio modules that record information about resource consumption, as well as the Jooby RDC Dashboard, a platform that gives you control and analytics over the data obtained.

  • Jooby RDC Dashboard

    The Jooby RDC Dashboard is an innovative platform that gives you the ability to monitor and analyze resource consumption data in real time. You can easily monitor your resource information and get detailed reports to make informed decisions. The Jooby RDC Dashboard helps you optimize resource management and improve the efficiency of your business.

Compatible Devices

  • Elster

    BK-G1.6, BK-G2.5, BK-G4, BK-G6, BK-G10, BK-G16, BK-G25

  • Metrix

    G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6, G10, G16

  • SamGaz

    G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6

  • Apator

    Master+, Smart+, MWN50

  • Elster

    W-Elster V100

  • Altair

    ALTAIR v4

  • Sensus

    C620 020 (L165 Q3 4,0 R160 M UA)

  • Zenner


  • Bmeters

    GSD8, GSD8-I 1/2u0022 Q3-2.5

  • Schloesser

    TK-EAX, ETW-MFS-ECO (Art.No 25102, 25103), DT28030801, DT28041302

  • Baylan


  • Allmess

    EVK 3/110 +m

The list of devices is constantly updated. If you can’t find your device, please contact us.

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