F.A.Q. about Jooby LED lamps


LED lighting helps you to minimize electricity bills, cut the CO2 emission and to forget about light bulbs replacement.

For more information, please read: What's so special about LEDs?

Depending on technology, light bulb can serve from 1 000 to 50 000 hours.Discover which one serves longer, read our blog: How long is a piece of string?

The main eco-friendly feature of LED technology allows to lower carbon emissions by minimizing the energy consumption.

For other sides of LEDs that make your lighting eco-conscious, please read: LEDs are the environment best friends

You will cut down on electricity bills and light bulbs replacement for at least 10 years. Read about LED-generated economy here: Why LED is Your Money-saving Friend?

There are multiple light features like ripple level or light color that can affect your physical state.

To find out about them, please read: Beware: bad lighting! 3 light features that influence your eyes

Jooby Decor.

Jooby Décor LED lamps start up instantly and emit the light that has extremely low flicker level and a natural tone.

Read more about Jooby Décor harmonious light: Harmony is what everyone seeks: 7 facts about Jooby Décor light.

Please see the Jooby Décor page, where you will find the characteristics of all models that are necessary for making a right choice.

For the quickest and most effective service, please return the product to the retailer where it was purchased. He will be able to provide you with an immediate solution. If it is not possible, please contact us.

Please use our Where to buy service or contact sales

Please fill in the Get commercial offer form available at each Jooby Décor model page.

Jooby Cobra.

Of course. When creating Jooby Cobra product line we took into consideration projects of any scale.

Each Jooby Cobra model page of the catalog has usage recommendations. Please follow them to make the best choice.

Jooby Cobra is a one-piece construction that serves for more than 10 years without any replacements or maintenance.

You can order as many of Jooby Cobra as you need.

Jooby does not make pillars for outdoor lighting. You may try looking for them at local utilities distributors.


Please fill in the form on cooperation page and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Please leave your contacts on cooperation page and we will send them to you

Yes, and we will be grateful for it. There are the guidelines for making it easier.

Other questions

You can find Jooby products introduced by our resellers or contact our sales team. To find the closest point of sale, please use our "Where to buy" service.

Jooby products can be delivered to any country of the world in the shortest terms from our warehouses in Germany, UAE and Ukraine,

All Jooby products are manufactured on "Teletec" factory (Odessa, Ukraine). Find out more about us

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