Part number: JOOBY EPHIR RMS LoRaWAN GMEL10 106 EU


LoRaWAN radio module with sensors for Elster gas meter

This radio module is designed for collecting Elster gas meter readings automatically.

Installed on the meter body, the radio module doesn’t require you to remove the meter. During installation, you can select the data transmission rate which is adjustable from once an hour to once a day. 

The device collects meter readings using a smart magnetic field sensor and relays them over a LoRaWAN wireless network. The radio module also detects attempts at tampering or magnetic exposure and transmits this data to the accounting system.

This model comes with a three-meter external antenna.

*LoRaWAN is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation

  • Remote data collection from all metering points
  • Data transmission frequency customized
  • Average lifetime 10 years (1 data transfer per day)*
  • Message alert tampering
  • Installation up to 5 minutes

*Service life depends on data transfer frequency

Product information


The device is fixed with standard fasteners within a few minutes and activated via the mobile app – the meter does need to be removed.
The radio module gathers data from the meter via a magnetic field sensor that registers the meter’s dial rotation. A full turn generates a pulse captured by the data transmission subsystem.

The supplier’s server receives consumption data via a LoRaWAN wireless network. This way, it gets up-to-date meter readings in real time. Users can select the data transmission rate from once an hour to once a day.

The radio module also keeps consumption data in its non-volatile memory: two months for hourly transmission and one year for daily transmission.

The device is powered by a built-in high-capacity battery that ensures 5 to 15 years of continuous operation.

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