Part number: JOOBY EPHIR RMS LoRaWAN GMEL10 100 EU


LoRaWAN radio module with sensors for Elster gas meter

This radio module is designed for automated collection of Elster gas meter readings.

The radio module is fixed on the meter body, so you do not need to remove the meter when installing the device. During  installation, you can choose the frequency of data transmission. This setting can be adjusted from once an hour to once a day. 

The device takes meter readings by means of a smart magnetic field sensor and transmits them over a LoRaWAN wireless network. The radio module also records to the reporting system any attempts to remove it or use the magnet transmitting these events.

*LoRaWAN is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation

  • Remote data collection from all metering points
  • Data transmission frequency customized
  • Average lifetime 10 years (1 data transfer per day)*
  • Message alert tampering
  • Installation up to 5 minutes

*Service life depends on data transfer frequency

Product information


Installation of the radio module does not require the removal of the meter and only takes a few minutes using a standard fixture and installer’s mobile app.

A magnetic field sensor is used to take data about utility consumption. It reads each revolution of the meter dial and converts it into an impulse sent to the data transmission module. 

The collected data is transmitted to the server of the utility provider over a LoRaWAN wireless network. It enables the database to be kept up to date, and all information is accessible on a real time basis. The data can be transmitted at different frequencies: from once an hour to once a day. 

For reliability, the data is stored in the device’s own non-volatile memory. The storage period is 2 months for hourly data transfer and 1 year for daily data transfer. 

Its battery with a higher capacity provides autonomous operation of the device. Depending on the operation mode, the battery may last from 5 to 15 years without replacement.

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