Remote data collection

Collect meter readings automatically using LoRaWAN technology. Get accurate and timely data on water, gas, heat, and electricity consumption.

Jooby is a brand that creates smart street lighting and data collection solutions. Jooby Smart Lighting offers smart economical lamps and Jooby RDC supplies devices to collect water, gas, heat, and electricity readings remotely.

  • Gas Gas
  • Water accounting Water accounting
  • Heat Heat
  • Electricity Electricity

Smart lighting

Jooby Smart Lighting Solution is a complete smart lighting system. 

Our lamps with smart sensors transmit data on motion and illumination rates in the street to the operator’s software via a LoRaWAN wireless network. The lamps are adjustable both manually and automatically.

Jooby’s smart lighting system saves up to 80% of electricity and substantially reduces maintenance costs for lighting systems.

  • Lamps Lamps
  • Controllers Controllers
  • Motion sensors Motion sensors


Radio modules are quick and easy to install on gas meters. During installation, you can set a convenient data transfer rate. Once activated, radio modules collect meter readings at the preset interval and transmit them to the client’s software over a secure wireless channel.

Who is our solution for?

About us

Jooby is a brand of the Ukraine-based IT company Infomir, which develops, manufactures, and maintains IPTV/OTT devices and smart solutions for street lighting and remote collection of water, gas, heat, and electricity readings.
Since 2020, the company has also been offering industrial additive 3D printing services using its HP Jet Fusion 5210 line.

Project portfolio

For over 15 years, Jooby’s team has completed projects to provide users with smart radio modules and helped developers and resource companies integrate automatic remote data accounting.


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