LEDs are Closer Than You Think

LEDs are Closer Than You Think

Every new technology seems to be a bold experiment before entering mass culture. Lighting market has introduced lamps based on light-emitting diodes less than 5 years ago. But, in fact, LEDs already served humans back in 60s. Let’s find out in which 5 industry sectors LEDs have proven themselves to be useful before entering our everyday life.

1. Automotive Headlamps

led headlights

Audi R8

Everyone, even those who don’t drive, has heard about xenon headlights. They used to be one of the most popular types, alongside with halogen ones. But since Audi started using LED headlamps in 2004, more and more car manufacturers are taking up the lead. Small size and energy efficiency are not the only advantages of LEDs. They are brighter than halogen and warmer than xenon headlights.

Nevertheless, they are not flawless. It may seem that LEDs don’t heat up while working. But that’s not true. Heat is produced in a LED’s base due to current flowing through it. This heat may be dangerous for neighboring wires and details. That’s why LED headlights always have small cooler inside.

2. Big City Lights

led street lighting

Bangkok at night

As the conscious energy consumption is now an issue of governmental strategies, more and more municipalities pay attention to LED street lighting. LEDs help to reduce energy consumption and to make outdoor lighting more cost-efficient.

LED lamps usage brings substantial economic benefits. They can cut down the costs up to 95% comparing to metal halide street lights. That makes LEDs worth their price. In fact, purchase costs will be paid back in 2-4 years for signs and traffic lights and in 4 years for street lights. Such return on investment is mainly achieved due to economy on maintenance and energy consumption. And as the market grows, LED lighting will become cheaper, and will pay back even faster.

led traffic lights led advertising


Another cost reducing feature is LEDs long life-span. LED traffic lights can work without any service or elements replacement for about 7-11 years. A LED sign can serve for over 200 000 hours!

Strong design also contributes to life-span prolongation. An average streetlight is much more weather and vandal resistant than analogs.

All these factors allow to minimize maintenance costs. Even in cities with well-developed infrastructure, streetlight replacement is an expensive and labor intensive process.

3. Architecture and Landscape Design

building led lights


Lighting is a crucial element of any construction project. And LEDs have already become architect’s best friends. Such partnership has transformed our streets and buildings and turned them into real artworks.

LEDs’ compact size allows adapting them to any form and using them almost everywhere. A wide color spectrum helps turning dullness into marvelous lighting composition. Due to designers’ inventive minds and skillful hands, LEDs have become a frequent parks and city places of interest patron.

led landscape lighting


Also, LEDs can be used with different lighting control systems such as dimmers, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting systems and load control switches. All these features allow architectures not only to perform their creative ideas but to make them practical. Smart control helps to minimize energy consumption even more.

4. Galleries and Museums

led lighting for museums gallery lighting

Städel Museum Extension, Frankfurt, Germany

Museum illumination is a really big deal as it has to be caring not only to the exhibits but also to viewers’ impressions. That poses high requirements on a light source. First of all, it shouldn’t emit UV/IR light in order not to damage delicate masterpieces. Another mission is a proper color rendering - it’s important to reproduce the colors as they are to get author's message across to the audience. That’s why light emitting diodes are becoming more and more popular for museum lighting.

Some of them have even become the part of museum exposition and another reason to visit it. For instance, an art gallery in Frankfurt-am-Main, The Städel Museum, accommodates the lighting project performed by Schneider +Schumacher. The design team integrated LED ring fixtures into the skylights housing. Each fixture features both warm-white and cold-white LEDs, which can be tuned to match daylight conditions. Daylight sensors and a control system ensure a constant level of light raising brightness as clouds pass overhead or as evening approaches.

5. Interior Design

led interior lights  

Some time ago using LEDs for indoor lighting was a bold experiment. Now they’ve become our home interior’s part and parcel. The main reason of their growing popularity was price drop and mass production. So now anyone can profit all of the LEDs advantages such as Energy-saving rates, small size and spectral characteristics.

Our home is our castle, isn’t it? That’s why we should choose carefully which light should brighten our castle. There are some features you should pay attention to before entrusting the bulb such an important mission.

  • First of all, pay attention to ripple level. It should be lower than 5%. Such light will be absolutely safe and won’t cause eye fatigue and headaches.

  • Color temperature is also an important feature. Warm light will help you to create cozy domestic atmosphere. But you’d better avoid cold light. It precipitates serotonin secretion into blood. Such “hormonal injection” increases productivity but may lead to insomnia.

  • If you’re going to use the lamp in kids’ room you’d better make sure that it is made of unbreakable materials. Jooby Décor LED lamps are made of polycarbonate. So they are perfect for child’s room.

led furniture lights


Healthcare is not the only LED lamps advantage. Variety of different forms and constructions will help you to create your own unique lighting composition. Pay attention to beam angle. Lamps with wide angle are good for big rooms illumination when directional light is perfect for emphasizing specific design elements.

And the last, but not the least is LED’s energy efficiency level. Most of us already know about this benefit but are held off by bulbs’ high price. Taking into an account money saved on utility bills, it will be better to consider LEDs as an investment, not an expense.

led bathroom lights


Reshaping the world around us is not only within artists’ and architects’ powers. LED’s simplicity and design flexibility allows everyone to create personal artworks. Try it by yourself! Bring your ideas to life with harmonious light of Jooby Décor LED bulbs.

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