LED It Glow! 5 Bright Ideas for Using Christmas Lights

LED It Glow! 5 Bright Ideas for Using Christmas Lights

One of the most important reasons to wait for winter is Christmas. Both adults and children start getting ready for it with the first day of Advent calendar, or even sooner.  Shop windows get flooded with Santa Claus figures and Christmas trees. City becomes one big Christmas fair, and every kitchen smells of cinnamon and almond - the must-have ingredients of winter specialties.

Surprisingly, but light-emitting diodes are also among Christmas and New Year’s Eve symbols. Why? Because most of Christmas lights are made of them. They suit the purpose perfectly by creating holiday atmosphere without heating up and consuming much energy.

In addition to dressing a Christmas tree, there are a few unusual ways to decorate your house, office or garden using LED fairy lights.

1.Light Up the Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is the first thing that rings the bell when thinking of winter holidays. It is especially near and dear to us as we all remember being kids looking for presents under its branches.

Many people don’t like the idea of hacking down a tree each year. What’s about making one of a light string? Design may be different. Make a contour on the wall and add some balls, or create an elegant alternative of books, fruits… well, anything you like. Just use your imagination.


led christmas tree lights

2. Turn Your Attention to Symbols

Christmas is not only about Christmas tree. There are much more things that create festive spirit. Angels, bells, candy canes, gingerbread men, stars and mistletoe… the list is long.

You can make them shine bright. Embellish them with a merry flickering of fairy lights. The result may be really fascinating.


led garland

3. Lay the Table

Christmas dinner is another important tradition. When preparing and cooking special dishes, it’s so easy to miss out the table decoration.

Candles, which you can catch by your sleeve or even hair, may be replaced by DIY lanterns with LEDs. Use strings that run on batteries or place the lantern near the socket. And don't be shy to experiment with forms: even cans and bottles may become creative decorations.


led flashlight

4. Make the Stars Shine Over Your Bed

Create the Christmas mood outside the living room, too. Decorate your bedroom wall with LED string. That’s cozy and practical. And also romantic. It can easily replace the basic illumination. And you may keep it even after holidays.

The options are various as well: you may use a regular LED string or a few round or candle-shaped bulbs. Choose “warm white” ones with hazy caps to make the illumination soft and smooth. JL-02.01 and JL-02.03 models will fit perfectly.


led christmas lights

5. Take the Holiday Into Your Hands

And finally get yourself ready. Put on a funny shiny sweater or enhance your Christmas photo session with LED lights.

If you are not a fan of fairy lights or funny sweaters, just look for someone who is. Some of your folks will be happy to have an original festive attire. Just consider using the lights which work on batteries, not from network.


led xmas garland


Just a few energy-efficient lights can light up the evening and make your time with dear ones even more joyful. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great beginning of the new year! And may the festive mood stay with you till the end of 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Our thanks to Cox & Coxcansascity.comPottery Barnstonegableblog.comNatalie NewmaneHowsortrature.com, JoopJoop, Loombrand, Top InspiredDecoist, CountryLivingpopsugar, Poshmark, StonegableChristy Terrell Dean for precious photos and festive spirit.

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