Join Jooby at Light Middle East 2016

Join Jooby at Light Middle East 2016

Jooby is a brand created by the global group of companies Infomir. Our clients and dealers network includes 121 countries and one of tools that helped us to reach such a global penetration was participation in exhibitions. Now it is time for Jooby to shine on LED sky. We are taking part in Light Middle East 2016 and we’ll be glad to meet you there:

31 October –  2 November 2016

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Stand: B38  Hall: 4

Why is it worth visiting?

For Dealers

Dozens of lighting manufacturers from all over the world visit Light Middle East 2016 to show what they can offer in the MENA Region. Visiting this exhibition will give you the advantage over competitors as you may become the first ones to introduce manufacturer or technology that local consumers are craving for.

For Designers

If illumination is a part of your job this show is a must visit for you. You will find the means to realize the lighting ideas you could not bring to life before. This is also a great place to look for contractors with the best price/quality ratio.

For Manufacturers

Middle East is a perspective region. Talking about LED market, it will witness a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 per cent from 2015 to 2022, according to reports by International Expo Consults.[1] This is why Jooby takes part in Light Middle East 2016. This is a perfect opportunity for our UAE representatives to show themselves off on a local market.

What to do there?


Light Middle East 2016 features Light Middle East Awards, LightME Conference, Future Zone, Ready Steady Light and PLD-i seminar.

Light Middle East Awards hold 9 project categories, each highlighting the recent lighting design innovations. If you exhibit, you may compete for the award, and if you are a visitor it will be good to know who is the best.

Ready Steady Light is another competition inviting manufacturers, lighting designers and even students to take part. Each team will be given 90 minutes to design and install an exterior lighting scheme with minimum equipment provided.

Future Zone is a part of expo zone with the most groundbreaking technologies. Here you will see the latest lighting designs that prove the future is not as far as it seems.

LightME Conference and PLD-i seminar are another two events within Light Middle East 2016. PLD-i stands for Professional Lighting Design - interactive. This year it is devoted to “Creativity through energy constraints” issue. And the LightME Conference will feature 20 high-profile international speakers. Each of them is going to share his experience in such topics as dangers of over-lighting, how LED's are changing skylines and role of lighting designers in educating consumers.


Making new acquaintances is a crucial ingredient in building a successful business. Light Middle East 2016 is a place where you will find all the market players concentrated. So do your best to profit on this. Don’t be upset if you do not make any purchasing contracts or deals. The bonds you create may become remunerative later. There you can also communicate with niche media representatives. If they mention your brand it will contribute to its recognition.


The Light Middle East 2016 expo zone will be gleaming with logos of world-famous companies like Osram, Cree and Martin by Harman. But as they are omnipresent it is easy to reach them even without events like that. Thus you’d better pay attention to some companies that are not so world-famous but the same good. Jooby is one of them. Our indoor product line Jooby Décor deserves interior designers’ special attention as it is able to create the unique esthetic lighting and still be rational.

How to organize the visit?

Getting there

Light Middle East 2016 takes place in Dubai, UAE. This is one of the top destinations for business and vacation trips. You can easily reach it from any part of the world by plane. For some countries the visa may be required. But all of the issues like this can be solved by In-house Light Middle East 2016 Travel Desk. They will provide you with invitation letter and will help with flight and accommodation booking. You can request for assistance on exhibition website.


Entry to Light Middle East 2016 is restricted to trade-only visitors. Registration is compulsory for entry and visitors have 2 options for registration: free visitor online registration and on-site registration. If you choose the first one you should print out the badge you will receive after filling in the forms. If you decide to register on the day of event do not forget to bring your business card as it is required for registration.

Free time

When visiting Dubai, you should not miss the chance to explore its culture and entertainment. There are plenty of sights like Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai fountains and multiple temples that are an example of sumptuous oriental architecture. Of course, do not forget to shop at the enormous Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. There are also a lot of sport facilities such as diving stations, yacht clubs and so on. You will definitely find the way to relax after a productive working day at Light Middle East 2016.


Now the Jooby team has started the last preparations for Light Middle East 2016. We will be glad to meet you at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 31 October to 2 November. We will show how light can be not only bright and energy-efficient, but also harmonious.

Learn how it was in 2015:

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