Coming in April: Jooby Avenue at elcomUkraine 2018


Presentations of new ideas and technologies — an international exhibition of energy technology, electronics, and energy efficiency, elcomUkraine 2018 will be informative for anyone who is interested in applying innovation for the benefit of their business.


April 17-20, 2018


Kiev, Ukraine, Salyutnaya St., KievExpoPlaza Exhibition Center

About the Exhibition

The 22nd elcomUkraine international electronics expo is a large-scale Ukrainian forum. It is a universal platform where presenters from the fields of energy, lighting, and industrial automation can find suitable solutions for their manufacturing needs.

elcomUkraine 2018 is not a formal event, but rather a forum for attendees to exchange professional experience, familiarize themselves with energy-efficient solutions, modern technical innovations, and comprehensively discuss the potential evolution of the market.


810 brands will be presented at elcomUkraine 2018, and 420 attendees from 13 countries will share their achievements in the development of systems for providing and conserving energy.

Representatives of malls and entertainment centers, insurance and banking institutions, designers, architects, engineers, and planners will attend the expo.

Get to Know Jooby!

Jooby Avenue is the latest Jooby product from Infomir. At elcomUkraine 2018 Infomir will present a line of LED streetlights designed to illuminate open spaces, streets, highways, and retail businesses.

Thanks to its well-planned design and one-piece body made of a light aluminum alloy, Jooby Avenue cannot overheat, is protected against external exposure to the debris of various sizes, and can function without interruption within a temperature range of -40°С to +50°С.

Jooby Avenue conforms to the Smart Ready concept, which means that it can be equipped with a "smart" module that makes it possible to remotely control the streetlight, monitor its technical condition, and upgrade it in the future as the technology develops. The streetlight features a modular construction that includes between one and five light modules with 20-80 watts of power each, thus reaching a maximum power of 400 watts.

Four installation options are planned for the expanded Jooby Avenue line: installed on poles and brackets, hanging from a cable, and attached to walls or ceilings.

The Avenue Smart Lighting system is what truly makes Jooby Avenue stand out from other LED lights. Its smart illumination with a central control system reduces servicing costs by more than 50% and power consumption by 30% compared to ordinary LED lights while increasing safety indicators on roads and improving quality of life.

Jooby Avenue activates according to a predetermined schedule, reacts to movement, independently adjusts illumination level, and informs its service provider about its condition and functional parameters.

Interested parties will be able to appreciate the visual attractiveness, technical advantages, and easy-to-use controls of the Ukrainian-made Jooby Avenue streetlights at elcomUkraine 2018.


Many entertainment events are coming to Kiev in April 2018.

Fans of the Georgian singer Nino Katamadze can attend her solo concert on April 20th at the October Palace.

Sports fans can enjoy a trip to SportFestUA 2018, which is held from April 20-21 on Victory Prospect.

Visitors to the Ukrainian capital should also see landmarks such as Andrew's Descent, Kreshchatyk, the main thoroughfare in Kiev, and the People's Friendship Arch on the bank of the Dnepr.

Be one of the first to discover new possibilities this spring at elcomUkraine 2018. See you there!

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