ART Mall, Kyiv

ART Mall, Kyiv


ART Mall

Kyiv, Ukraine

About ART Mall

ART Mall is an enormous shopping center with great recreational facilities for entire family. There are ski emulators, art gallery, “professions city” for kids and over 200 shops. The design of ART Mall is inspired by modern art and you can enjoy Ukrainian artists’ works as well as augmented reality objects walking through its halls. And to make this kind of interior look good a lot of light is required.

ART Mall’s parking is also huge enough to welcome all the shopping center visitors and consists of 1 300 lots.

Why Jooby?

The ART Mall's team was searching for light bulbs that will not require regular replacement. And, as the mall’s interior is more like a gallery than a shopping mall, they were searching for lighting that could be used in museums and was caring to artworks. Jooby Décor are well suited for long term service and can work up to 60 000 hours. And their high CRI and no UV or IR radiation will not distort the colors of art objects and will not harm the pictures.


shop led lights


Talking about outdoor lighting, what was required is the reduction of maintenance costs and decreasing electricity consumption. Owing to thoroughly elaborated design of Jooby Cobra they sustain physical damage and do not require cleaning. And lower electricity costs are reached due to high energy efficiency and 0,9 power factor, which means that most of energy that comes to a lumirairy performs useful work.


commercial led lighting


It was very important for ART Mall to find an outstanding solution for a good price. They wanted to create the illumination both inside and outside the mall and to make it as durable as possible. So when they heard that Jooby, a Ukrainian company is manufacturing lamps that serve up to 60 000 hours, they were not only proud to support local economy, but also felt completely with its characteristics.

About The Project

For huge shopping malls like Art Mall electricity and maintenance costs are substantial. And their reduction is a must do. But you cannot spare on light quality as it will reflect on how much time people spend there without getting tired. And, of course, good lighting is essential to mall’s most importing feature – its art objects.

Over 200 Jooby Décor light bulbs and about 50 Jooby Cobra streetlights were installed in order to meet our objectives of less electricity consumed and high quality light.

  “Art Mall’s total space is 50 000 m2 plus 1 300 parking spaces.  All of it requires the proper illumination. So we were in constant search of the perfect balance between economy and light quality. After trying Jooby indoor and outdoor lighting I can claim that it is a solution we have been looking for"

Oleg Stratenyuk, Senior Engineer of ART Mall

Project outputs

Making the illumination efficient and reliable for a big shopping center like ART Mall is essential.

After a year after project implementation we can see the results:

  • no light bulb replaced

  • better lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors

  • the electricity bill was lower than the previous year even in spite of energy rate increase


industrial led lighting

Used Jooby products

Jooby Décor LED Bulb E27, 4.2W

Décor LED Bulb E27, 4.2W

Article: JL-02.05

  • Hazy diffuser
  • Luminous flux:  440 lm
  • Light color: warm white
  • Life time: > 60 000 h
  • Dimmable
  • 5 years warranty
Jooby Cobra LED-CS80 front

Cobra LED 80W

Article: CS80

  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Luminous flux: 9 600 lm
  • Color temperature: 5 000 K
  • Life time: >50 000 hours
  • Weight: 7,7 kg
  • 5 years warranty

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