This is the House That LED Built

This is the House That LED Built

Our house is our fortress. A lot of people will agree with this old saying. It’s a place where we return after our daily winnings and defeats, where we hide from the "strangers" and where are always happy to "our own". And like in every fortress, there should be a climate of safety and comfort in ours. In order to achieve this aim there is no need to do home improvements or re-planning. Sometimes it's enough just to choose the right lighting. Jooby team has prepared some simple rules that will help you bring harmony of light into your house.

1. Use more illumination

First of all it helps to avoid sharp shadows and flecks of light that can be harmful to the eyes. Additional lamps can also become a successful element of decor. Be sure to highlight working surfaces: the places where you cook, read or write. Bedside lamps, sconces or chandeliers with dimmable lamps help to make the lighting softer.

2. Light will help to hide the shortcomings of space

Do you dislike the geometry of the room? Light can fix it easily! If you need to add space to narrow placing just arrange the chandeliers along one wall. If you want, on the contrary, to make the room visually longer place the lamps along the middle line of the ceiling. The sconces aimed upward will lift up ceiling visually and massive chandeliers will remove unnecessary height vice versa.

3. The color matters

LED light lamps are available in a wide range of shades. Each of them can influence our mood: neutral colours charge with energy, warm relaxes and cold helps to concentrate. More about the influence of light on psychology and human health you can find out from the article “Hot & Cold”.

4. Lighting can be economical

Even in a very comfortable apartment the electricity bill can be very uncomfortable. The LED lights can fix this problem. They will help to reduce lighting costs up to 10 times. Learn more why LED is your money-saving friend in our blog.

5. For each room its own light scenarios

Each room has its own purpose: in the living room we rest and talk, in the kitchen we prepare meals for the whole family, and the bathroom is the real temple of relaxation for many of us. Proper lighting can strengthen the magic of these places. Learn how from our info graphics:


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