Light is Art: Pictures Without Paint

You have read about practical use of LEDs for dozens of times. It’s time to find out what else they can do.


How to Create Visual Comfort at Working Place?

High-quality lighting has a positive impact on workers' performance and health. Find out how to get the maximum use of it.


LED It Glow! 5 Bright Ideas for Using Christmas Lights

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you started the preparation yet? Jooby has a few simple ideas to make holidays even brighter.

led school

Then and Now: The History of LED

Discover all the milestones of LED technology development since the day of discovery till now.


Light is Art: Sculpting with LEDs

LED lighting is not only about economy, it can be a matter of art. See how it becomes an artwork in hands of talented artists.


Prospects of Yuzhne

New technologies implementation is always good news for its citizens. Find out how Jooby team brought the light to Yuzhne.

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