led school

This is the House That LED Built

Learn some simple ways to create a cozy home atmosphere using the right lighting.


City of Stars: How Does the World Move to LED Lighting

Good old warm light of HPS fixtures is about to be replaced by the new illumination technologies in urban nightlife.


Brightest Words About Love

Some de-LIGHT-ful quotes about love to share with your dear ones.


Light is Art: Pictures Without Paint

You have read about practical use of LEDs for dozens of times. It’s time to find out what else they can do.


How to Create Visual Comfort at Working Place?

High-quality lighting has a positive impact on workers' performance and health. Find out how to get the maximum use of it.


LED It Glow! 5 Bright Ideas for Using Christmas Lights

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you started the preparation yet? Jooby has a few simple ideas to make holidays even brighter.

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