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Sky Mall, Kyiv

For a big shopping mall outdoor lighting is as important as indoor. Especially, if it features the entertainment park for kids and adults.


MEAT ROOM Restaurant, Frankfurt

Where the ambience meets the comfort. Special project by Jooby Décor allowed MEAT ROOM to create perfect atmosphere for their clients.

led school

Let's See What They're Made of!

We're revealing the secrets of Jooby LED lamps' construction and the way it helped to reach such incredible properties.

led school

Hot & Cold

Interesting facts about the nature of color temperature and its effects upon our mood and life.


DEAN&DAVID Restaurant, Frankfurt

Learn about how to make fresh food look even fresher with Jooby Decor LED bulbs.


ART Mall, Kyiv

Illumination is crucial element of a shopping mall as the entire atmosphere depends on it.