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The Advantages of Remote Metering Technology for Improved Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings

Devices and systems, and access detailed and easy-to-use analytics. In this article we will explain how remote resource metering helps to make buildings more comfortable and safer, as well as improve energy efficiency and resource supply.

What is a smart building

Smart building solutions allow you to plan energy conservation strategies in advance, making your home as modern, comfortable, and safe as possible. Buildings are equipped with devices that use sensors to detect various physical phenomena, such as pressure, temperature, smoke, movement, etc. These devices are capable of reacting to certain changes independently, recording them, and then transmitting the information through various communication channels to the smart building control server.

Building control systems not only make the life of users more comfortable and safer, they also provide resource providers, developers, condominiums and various service employees with a vast amount of information and the ability to remotely control a number of processes, for example:

  • save heat by using Automated HVAC systems
  • timely detect cracks in walls using vibration sensors
  • remotely turn on and off various household appliances (e.g. radiators, multi-cookers, air conditioners, and lighting devices)
  • automatically transmit meter readings to resource suppliers
  • gain access to real-time energy data
  • save energy with smart lighting solutions

Smart metering benefits for resource providers

Up-to-date data on emergency situations. Smart meter functionality enables suppliers to recognize faulty communications and devices, as well as monitor consumer attempts to impact device operation. With these features, suppliers can quickly troubleshoot breakdowns, replace batteries in smart devices promptly, and prevent resource theft. All this will help them avoid unnecessary costs.

Reduction in personnel costs. Companies using smart metering devices do not require a large number of controllers and operators.

Energy consumption monitoring. Suppliers have 24/7 access to up-to-date data on resource consumption. This allows them to monitor meter readings as often as they wish, instead of receiving one value from consumers each month.

Smart metering advantages for end consumers

Readings are transmitted automatically.

Homeowners with smart resource meters do not have the inconvenience of monitoring the metering date and submitting the data to suppliers.

Correct bills. If the resource provider manually records meter readings, the consumer may miss the metering date or make a mistake when entering the data and receive an incorrect bill for water, electricity or gas services. When using smart devices, this situation is completely excluded.

Benefits from preferential electricity tariffs. Energy management software allows you to use different tariffs for different times of the day. Suppliers can offer customers a lower night-time electricity tariff and the opportunity to save money by running some household appliances during off-peak electricity hours.

Quick technical problem solving. Many smart devices not only record and transmit readings, but are also capable of reporting various problems such as accidents, mains voltage changes or backflow in the water supply. The provider quickly learns of such events and responds immediately, ensuring that consumers can comfortably deploy resources.

Internet of things (IoT) for energy management: ideal choice for condominiums

Remote measurement and metering technologies allow you to use resources as efficiently as possible, reducing utility costs.

Due to remote energy monitoring, condominiums can obtain comprehensive data on resource consumption and track their unauthorized use. This will allow them to quickly learn about illegal power grid connections for example and take preventative action.

Another option to optimize energy consumption is to use energy-saving appliances. These can include smart lighting devices equipped with motion sensors that support the dimming or increasing of the light output. These devices can be controlled remotely or programmed to automatically turn on/off or change the light intensity according to the time of day. Smart lighting devices allow you to use energy more efficiently, extend the life of light bulbs and, as a result, save residents money.

Smart solutions allow condominium representatives to promptly receive data on energy consumption in a convenient way. For example, JOOBY RDC SMART CITY users can access the data in the Jooby RDC Dashboard software. With 24/7 access to up-to-date data, residents can analyze their own costs and find ways to reduce them.

Building automation is a promising trend that saves resources, keeps accurate records in a convenient way, and reduces utility costs. Energy consumption analysis makes it possible to identify any unnecessary waste of energy, maximizing the efficient use of resources and ensuring user comfort and safety.

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