Jooby Luminaire Controller Embedded

An embedded controller for third-party luminaires


120х45х35 mm

Data transmitted

LoRa, Wi-Fi (optional)

Dimming interfaces

0-10V, DALI

Product information

General information Specifications Wireless connectivity

Jooby Luminaire Controller Embedded is an automatic luminaire control device. The controller enables automatic brightness adjustment based on schedule and astronomic calendar or in response to a motion sensor’s signal. Luminaire Controller Embedded can send information about the luminaire’s operation to Jooby cloud, where the lighting network operator can monitor and adjust their operation.

General information

  • Compatible with luminaires of any vendor or model having a dimmable driver and enough real estate inside.
  • Installation inside the lighting poles with integrated lighting modules, park luminaires, and other lighting equipment is possible.
  • Luminaire brightness control via 0–10 V, 1–10 V, PWM or DALI interface.
  • Supports communication over LoRaWAN® networks.
  • Autonomously adjusts light intensity throughout the year based on the astronomical calendar.
  • Dynamic lighting: automatically adjusts light intensity upon the signal from a built-in or external motion sensor.
  • Gathers and transmits luminaire operation data. The information is sent for processing and visualization to Jooby CMS, which notifies the operator should the need arise.

Technical data

Input voltage

120–280 V

Power load, max.

50/60 Hz

Avg. power consumption on standby, max.

500 W

Electrical safety class according to ЕN 60598-1

2,2 W


0,5 W


0–10 V, 1–10 V, PWM, DALI

Luminaire brightness control

Jooby Luminaire Controller Embedded adjusts the brightness of Avenue luminaires from 10–100% in increments of 1%.

Automatic dimming interface detection.

Data collection and luminaire monitoring

The controller collects information about the luminaire’s operation, providing the following data to the operator:

  • Voltage
  • Power supply current
  • Current power consumption
  • Power factor
  • Total power consumed
  • Total uptime
  • Controller board temperature
  • Ambient light level

Astro power-on, power-off, dimming

Luminaire Controller Embedded autonomously adjusts luminaire brightness throughout the year based on the astronomical calendar. To this end, the device has the following functionality:

  • A real-time clock with time data retention in the unpowered state
  • Geolocalisation-based automatic dusk and dawn time calculation for every day of the year
  • Annual operation programme: the algorithm can function even when disconnected from a LoRaWAN® network
  • TALQ-compatibility
  • Four daily operation programmes selected depending on the predefined rules, date, weekday, workdays, and weekends
  • Power-on and power-off at a pre-set time as well as based on the astronomical calendar and ambient light sensor
  • Up to 8 brightness adjustment points in the daily programme.

LoRa wireless technology, LoRaWAN® network technology

Jooby Luminaire Controller Embedded supports communication over LoRaWAN® wireless networks, which have the following benefits:

  • Licence-free frequency bands
  • Long range
  • Secure connection with two levels of encryption
  • Low power consumption

LoRaWAN® specifications


LoRa™ Spread-Spectrum Class C

Receiver sensitivity, dBm

−118 … −136 dBm

Line-of-sight range

0.250–11 Kbps

Frequency band 1

up to 15,000 m

Radiated power

868,0 – 868,6 MHz

Pulse ratio

25 mW (14 dBm)

Frequency bandwidth

<1 %

Frequency band 2

867,0 – 868,0 MHz

Radiated power

25 mW (14 dBm)

Pulse ratio

<0,1 %

Frequency bandwidth

125; 250 kHz

Frequency band 3 (receive)

869.4–869.65 MHz

Pulse ratio

<10 %

Frequency bandwidth

125 kHz

ShortLink technology

The device supports ShortLink technology to connect luminaires to one another. ShortLink enables dynamic lighting—when a motion sensor is triggered on one luminaire, the brightness on the nearby ones is raised, too. The system thus creates a ‘light wave’ in front of the moving pedestrian or car. ShortLink technology reduces the devices’ response delay to 0.01 s.

LoRaWAN® specifications


LoRa™ Spread-Spectrum

Frequency band 1

869,7 – 870 MHz

Frequency bandwidth

250 kHz

Radiated power

5 mW (7 dBm)

Receiver sensitivity, dBm

-120 dBm 

Data rate, bit/s

0.250–11 Kbps

Line-of-sight range

Up to 1 km

Wi-Fi debugging interface

The device can be equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which can be used for testing, restarting, and firmware updates.

Wi-Fi connection specs

Wi-Fi protocol

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Frequency band 1

2.4–2.5 GHz (2,400–2,483.5 MHz)

Radiated power

14 dBm (@ 72.2 Mbps), 20 dBm (@ 802.11b)

Receiver sensitivity, dBm

−72 … −98 dBm





Network protocol


Line-of-sight range

Up to 100 m

Light control panel

Luminaire location map
Daily luminaire operation programme
Annual luminaire operation programme
Luminaire operation statistics as diagrams


LoRaWAN® base station network

Jooby CMS software

Technical support

Avenue Smart Cover

To transform a regular Avenue luminaire into a smart one, an Avenue Smart Cover controller needs to be installed. This enables you to connect your luminaires to Jooby CMS for management and monitoring.

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