Part number: Jooby Splitter 1x4PU


Radio pulse module splitter for connecting four devices

The Jooby Splitter 1x4PU is designed to connect 4 devices equipped with a “dry contact” (without regard to signal polarity) or “open collector” interface (with regard to signal polarity) to one pulse radio module. Compatible with devices equipped with a Jooby Cable 1PI.

Transmits pulse signals from 4 connected devices at the same time during their operation. 

  • Length — 0,25 m
  • Pulse channels — 4
  • Connector type — PY07-6
  • Connector sealing degree — IP67
  • Operating temperature — -20 °С…+80 °С

Product information

  • Description

The splitter is connected to the pulse radio module and transmits the pulse signals from the working metering devices.

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