• Can be attached to any Jooby Avenue luminaire to turn it into a Smart one
  • Can come with a new luminaire

Technical data


Input voltage

120 – 280 V

Rated voltage frequency

50 Hz

Maximum load

500 W

Rated power, not exceeding

6 W

Rated power in standby mode, not exceeding

0,5 W

Sleep mode with keeping real time settings without external power, up to

5 days

Ingress protection degree by EN 60529

IP66 (when installed)


65x250x105 mm


0,4 kg

Luminaire control

Avenue Smart Cover can control luminaire’s brightness in 10-100% range with 1% accuracy

Luminaire monitoring and data collection

The control unit is capable to monitor more than 25 values regarding to luminaire’s operation, including:

  • Input voltage
  • Input current
  • Power consumption
  • Power factor
  • Total consumed energy
  • Total operation time
  • Temperature on the control board
  • External illuminance(optional)
  • Number of movements detected by motion sensor (optional)

Astro dimming function

Avenue Smart Cover runs an astro calendar dimming algorithm to adjust brightness to customer needs overnight.

  • Real time based operation, with power backup in sleep mode to keep the settings if the luminaire is powered off
  • Yearly program is executes with or without live network connection
  • TALQ compliant
  • Up to 4 daily programs selected by rules (by date, week, month or weejday
  • On/off switching based on astro clock, time setting or light sensor
  • Up to 8 points of light level settings in each dauly program

Luminaire protection

The control unit is capable to automatically cut the power off from the luminaire in the case of overvoltage.


Wireless network LoRaWAN network technology ASC-LRWF-IR12-PC

Avenue Smart Cover utilizes LoRaWAN network technology. LoRaWAN is one of the most advanced and efficient standards for city scale IoT solutions:

  • Works within the frequence band requiring no licensing
  • Long effective connection range
  • Secure connection protected by two layers of cryptography
  • Low power consumption
LoRaWAN connectivity technical data


LoRa™ Spread-Spectrum class C

Receiver sensitivity

from -118 to -136 dBm

Data transfer speed

0,250 – 11 kbps 

Connection range at open line of sight

up to 15000 m



Frequency range 1

868,0 – 868,6 MHz

Transmitter power output

25 mW (14 dBm)

Duty cycle


Signal bandwidth

125 kHz



Frequency range 2

867,0 – 868,0 MHz

Transmitter power output

25 mW (14 dBm)

Duty cycle

<0,1 %

Signal bandwidth

125; 250 kHz



Frequency range 3 (receiving)

869,4 – 869,65 MHz

Duty cycle

<10 %

Signal bandwidth

125 kHz

ShortLink technology

The control unit is capable to operate in a ShortLink broadcast network for direct interaction between luminaires. This enables the dynamic lighting function, when a motion sensor triggering on one luminaire is lighting up neighbor lights to arrange a “lighting wave” before moving people or cars. ShortLink technology allows to keep the signal delay in the system below 0,01 s

ShortLink connectivity technical data

Dimensions and weight


LoRa™ Spread-Spectrum

Frequency range

869,7 – 870 MHz

Signal bandwidth

250 kHz

Duty cycle

No requirement

Transmitter power output

5 mW (7 dBm)

Receiver sensitivity

-120 dBm

Data transfer speed

0,250 – 11 kbps 

Line-of-sight propagation

up to 1 km

Wi-Fi auxiliary link
Aveue Smart Cover is equipped with a Wi-Fi module for maintenance purposes, like functions testing, reset, firmware upgrade etc

ShortLink connectivity technical data

Dimensions and weight

Wi-Fi protocol

802.11 b/g/n

Frequency range

2,4 GHz – 2,5 GHz
(2400 MHz – 2483,5 MHz)

Transmitter power output

14 dBm (72,2 Mbps),
20 dBm (11b mode)

Receiver sensitivity (Data transfer speed)

from -72 to -98 dBm
(from 65 Mbps to 1 Mbps)





Net protocol


Line-of-sight propagation

up to 100 m

Motion sensor


The control unit can be equipped with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to detect movements for traffic analysis and dynamic light level adjustment.

Option code None IR12
Type of sensor None PIR, quad-sensor module
Installation height range any 4-12 m
Detection zone shape none Round or oval (depends on the luminaire inclination angle
Detection range none First detection – 1-3 m, further detections – 8-12 m

Light sensor


Avenue Smart Cover can be equipped with optional light sensor to measure external illuminance and switch the light on and off based on this value.

Option code none PC
Measurement range 0,09 none 0,01 – 83000 lux
Spectrum match to human eye none 99%


Light sensor measures illuminaice which comes to external sources, like sun, moon, city illumination, buildings etc. The sensor is not intended to measure the light produced by the luminaire, into which it is built.

Electrical characteristics

Overall dimensions, mm100
Voltage range, V100
Power consumption, W100
Luminous coefficient100
Luminous efficiency, lm/W100
Luminous flux, lm100
Radiation angle100
Color temperature, K100
Color rendering index(CRI)100
LED components100
IP Rating100
Temperature range100
Rim diameter100
Weight, kg100
Carcass material100
Useful life, hours100
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