PROJECT QATAR 2017: First impression


The beginning of May became significant for a series of street lighting Jooby Avenue. Street lights of the new generation were firstly presented at the fourth annual specialized exhibition in building and construction sector — Project Qatar.

Alexander Protsenko, our project head manager of LED lighting department, shares the impression from the first release.


Did the event satisfy your expectations? What was the most memorable?

Our goal was to introduce an innovating product in a new market. Expectations from the event are equal the hopes: a positive response of the audience was the icing on a cake. The exhibition united various participants of the construction market giving the ground for productive networking and achieving synergetic effect. A large number of interesting products were made in the construction and power industries.



What opportunities have opened for Jooby Avenue?

Despite the fact that the exhibition is not profile, several interesting meetings took place. As a result we expect the beginning of sales in Qatar and the region in the near future. We engaged in discussions with representatives of government agencies, such as KAHRAMAA. They became interested in the product and offered their support with participation in tenders beginning from 2018.

The meeting with the representative of the Ukrainian embassy in Qatar was also very productive. He was pleasantly surprised by the level of the introduced products and expressed a wish to contribute in every possible way to our further development in the Qatar market.


How did the exhibition’s guests react on the presented technology?

The reaction was definitely positive. Visitors noted the high quality of the product, nice design and reliable technical characteristics.

The safety characteristics of the product were in particular interest especially concerning the working conditions in an enterprise with explosive substances. We plan to discuss this issue. There was also a chance to test the work of Jooby Avenue in a high temperature, which is very important for a hot region. The results of the test will be published soon so follow our news on the site and on Facebook.



What are the plans for the future?

At Project Qatar our products were presented in collaboration with Doha Engineering Services with which we plan to cooperate in the near future. This is an excellent result for trial participation on the partner stand. Next year we will present our own stand to show fully all new products and advantages of the technology. This year we are going to participate in several exhibitions in Dubai. We also plan the beginning of the serial production of Jooby Avenue in the near future.

Doha conquered us with its spectacular night views and new perspectives, so we will definitely return.

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