“Create the light”: new series of LED streetlights

“Create the light”: new series of LED streetlights

The new product line of Jooby outdoor solutions.


When manufacturing Jooby lamps and fixtures, we aim to create an energy-efficient lighting that will be easy and convenient to use.


Jooby launches a new outdoor lighting series Jooby Avenue. It was elaborated by Ukrainian specialists and will provide more possibilities when implementing a lighting project owing to its flexible design. Like all Jooby products, Jooby Avenue are produced at Infomir manufacturing facility in Odessa, Ukraine.


Jooby Avenue modular console streetlights are highly customizable. You can choose the optics material, number of sections and fixture type, so that they can be installed on any construction. Jooby Avenue product line will also feature the spotlights that can be installed on walls.



The Jooby Avenue design protects them from factors that may hinder their performance: garbage, icicles, overheating.


The lifetime of these streetlights exceeds 95 000 hours and the luminous flux can reach from 5 600 to 56 000 lumen depending on number of light-emitting sections.


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