Influence of extremely high temperatures on Jooby Avenue

Influence of extremely high temperatures on Jooby Avenue

As we promised in our article about the exhibition in Qatar, the new Jooby Avenue light was tested in a hot region. Most eastern countries are characterized by hot and dry weather in summer. For example, a record high temperature - 50.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in June 2015 in Dubai. In such conditions the technical equipment can simply refuse to work, therefore our partners from the eastern countries are interested in reliable and heat-resistant equipment.

The Jooby Avenue light was handed over to an independent laboratory for testing, which conducted a series of tests and obtained intermediate results. At the first test the body was able to heat up to 76 ° C, and in the second to 87 ° C.

At the same time, the light did not lose its efficiency and worked without failures. Thanks to a thoughtful design the body frame equalizes heat preventing the LED matrix and the driver from overheat.



The presence of special modules on the light allows to self-cooling due to the circulation of air currents which shows its effectiveness under adverse conditions. Even the hottest weather wouldn’t become an obstacle to the productive work of the Jooby Avenue light.

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