Avenue Smart Street Lighting at Light Middle East

Light Middle East, the 13th LED lighting exhibition, will take place on 23-25 September. More than 300 participants will present their latest developments and solutions in the lighting equipment field. Experts from around the world will discuss the prospects for decorative, architectural and interior/exterior lighting solutions.



23–25 September



Dubai, UAE,  Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre



About the Exhibition

Light Middle East is a flawlessly organized occasion consisting of several events. The Thinklight Forum is intended to illuminate aspects of the design industry and architecture, as well as interior and landscape design. The Ready Steady Light competition finds talents among students and young specialists in the industry. A competition for the best projects and products of 2018 will also be held.

New solutions for outdoor lighting will be presented within Light Middle East in Smart & Connected Lighting category, and the Avenue Smart Street Lighting smart lighting system will be presented as well.


The Avenue Smart Street Lighting system

Avenue Smart Street Lighting is the system of smart street lighting.

This is a full-fledged complex intellectual solution for lighting motorways, streets, industrial facilities, and public spaces. The elaborate design of Avenue luminaires implies equipping simply with the Avenue Smart Cover device, with the possibility of further modernisation and transformation in step with the emergence of new technologies.

The Avenue Smart Street Lighting system is a scalable platform for outdoor lighting projects, which combines not only street lighting, but also other Smart City functions over time. The possibilities of remote control and lighting adjustment will open impressive prospects for saving energy and improving the quality of the urban living in any climatic conditions.


The advantages of the smart street lighting system:

  • Collecting data for the entire Smart City system,
  • Providing remote luminaire monitoring,
  • Adjusting the lighting level,
  • Remote identification of luminaires that need maintenance,
  • Reducing the cost of energy consumption by up to 35% as compared to conventional LED,
  • Serving as the basis for the IoT city network.


For the first time at Light Middle East 2018, a contest of existing innovative LED lighting developments will be held. The Infomir company and the Jooby brand will present the successful implementation of their project using the Jooby Avenue luminaires: the lighting of the bridge across the Donets River with an autonomous solar-and-wind power plant supply.

Such a project can be re-implemented anywhere — it does not need to connect to power lines.

With the Avenue Smart Street Lighting system, the high Jooby Avenue luminaire efficiency and the ability to control the brightness and track vehicle movements with sensitive sensors have become today’s reality rather than fiction.

Visit the exhibition and see it for yourself. The developers will answer all questions personally and tell about their short-term development plans.


See you at Light Middle East 2018!

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