Jooby Cloud CMS software


The Jooby Smart Street Lightning system is controlled by the Jooby Cloud CMS cloud software, which was developed in Switzerland. This software is designed for easy scaling from just one piece of equipment to the entire city with the ability to add such components and features as: parking management, resource consumption recording, waste control and much more.

Convenient device management

Device searching on the map and through the list, grouping – with separate assignment of control programs.

Automatic switching on and dimming according to the program

Switching on and off by astronomical calendar with the option to adjust the luminarie`s brightness depending on the time or the sun’s brightness. Scheduled dimming, up to 8 changes per day.

Work on the annual program

The ability to automatically select one of 4 daily programs, depending on the date or day of the week.

Dynamic lighting

Automatic brightness increase when motion sensors are activated. Nearby streetlights will also work under this command.

Performance parameters monitoring

Data reading and visualization on the energy consumed, current power, level of brightness, amount of times the motion sensor is actuated, up to 26 parameters in total.

Examples of smart lighting projects


The “Art Mall” Shopping Center, Kiev, Ukraine

The car park lighting in front of the shopping mall with automatic activation by the astronomical calendar, dimming up to 20% after closing the shopping center and dynamic brightness control for additional energy saving in zones with less intensive traffic.

Rue Voltaire, Geneva, Switzerland

Street lighting with high vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Scheduled dimming allows the saving of energy and minimization of the light stream to windows of neighboring buildings.

RC “Sauvignon-5”, Odessa, Ukraine

Smart lighting of this cottage area provides energy-saving and coziness due to deep dimming at late hours, while the dynamic lighting illuminates the road for inhabitants.

The bridge across Severskiy Donets river, Slavyansk, Ukraine

The lighting control system helps to balance their energy consumption with the capabilities of the autonomous wind-solar power station.

Parc des Franchises, Geneva, Switzerland

The dynamic lighting system combines low energy consumption while keeping a sufficient level of illumination for pedestrians and bicycle riders in the park.

Vovchkiv village, Kiev region, Ukraine

Automatic switching on and off provides convenient street lighting control and dimming at night – additional energy cost reduction.

Rue des Etuves, Geneva, Switzerland

Street lighting with a large interval between the carrying cables with scheduled dimming and a gathering of the motion statistics in the interest of municipal services.

The road entrance to the mall City Center, Odessa, Ukraine

Thanks to the automatic switching on by astronomical calendar, this area doesn’t require maintenance, and the dynamic lighting by motion sensors provides illumination for visitors of the mall.

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