The ART MALL Shopping Сentre, Ukraine

The ART MALL Shopping Сentre, Ukraine


ART MALL Shopping Centre

Jooby products:

Console light 60 W

About the client

ART MALL is a unique shopping centre with an art gallery. The total area of the building is 50 thousand m2, the leasing area is 37 thousand m2. ART MALL is located in Kyiv at 37 Academician Zabolotnyi Str.

About the project

The old 1300 car capacity outside parking lot lighting system used gas-discharge sodium lamps. Power consumption was 77 kWh per day or 28 MWh per year.

Gas-discharge lamps often break. Their biggest drawback was their relatively high energy consumption, low efficiency at low temperatures, and strict disposal rules.

Why Jooby Avenue?

Jooby Avenue lights are more cost-saving and efficient than sodium and mercury gas-discharge lamps while providing 150 lm/W luminaire efficiency and lasting more than one hundred thousand hours.

In this project, we used Jooby Avenue lights with a COB light module technology made by Citizen and an SMD technology by Сree. Quality control is carried out at all stages of manufacturing from design to assembly. For this reason, the Avenue lights have a seven-year warranty. Since LED lamps do not contain sodium-mercury amalgam, they are disposed of with the general waste.


Jooby team provided the smart lights and Avenue Smart Lighting system. The lighting was mounted by the specialists of ART MALL, and the communication services were provided by Internet Rechei Ukraina LLC. It took us as little as 21 days to deliver the project after we received the request.

Project outputs

The ART MALL Shopping Centre received a smart outdoor lighting system with remote control, diagnostics, and automatic dimming by calendar date. After installing sixty-four Jooby Avenue console lights, parking lighting consumes only 31.4 kWh per day or 11.5 MWh annually, which is almost 60% less than before the renovation.

Thanks to the combination of technologies and the choice of luminous intensity distribution curve IESNA Type III, we managed to provide the most efficient and comfortable lighting of specified areas.

The new lighting system is much easier to maintain since Jooby Avenue lights last many times longer and do not require special disposal.

Used Jooby products

Console light 60 W

Console light 60 W

Article: Avenue C1x60-Sx-5K7H-Ci-SPC

  • Power consumption: 60 W
  • Luminous flux: 9 000 lm
  • Color temperature: 5 000 K
  • Life time: >100 000 hours
  • Weight: 5,5 kg
  • Warranty: 7 years
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