MEAT ROOM Restaurant, Frankfurt

MEAT ROOM Restaurant, Frankfurt


MEAT ROOM restaurant

Frankfurt, Germany


“Keep Calm and Eat Steak” – this slogan is the first that catches your eye when you approach the MEAT ROOM restaurant. MEAT ROOM is a popular steakhouse in Frankfurt downtown just a few steps from Main. The restaurant specializes on such dishes as burgers, BBQs, stakes and everything that can be made of fresh and juicy meat.

The diversity of cultures of the "most fashionable neighborhood" is reflected both in wide variety of unconventional starters, salads, soups, pasta dishes, side dishes and vegetables, as well as in the extensive range of selected draught & bottled beers, exclusive wines and other drinks.


led lighting

Why Jooby?

According to Mariam Akbarzadah, the Director of Meatroom restaurant:

«I was looking for some LED solution that will create a cozy light in the restaurant and won’t cost a fortune. After some web researches I found Jooby, a manufacturer that offers LED lamps with their unique harmonious light perfectly matching my requirements. What’s more, its office is next to our restaurant. It was Jooby Décor and we were their first client in Frankfurt»

The most essential requirement was to create the illumination that will be both cost- efficient and high-quality. And as Jooby Décor lamps energy saving rates up to 90% and have high color rendering index and low ripple level they coped with the task easily!

indoor led lighting 

About the project

Having discussed the main idea of the MEAT ROOM with its representatives, we came to decision that our light bulbs should create the ambience that will help visitors to enjoy their meal and the time they spend with their friends. Another goal was to diminish electricity consumption and annual lamp replacement costs.

We used 22 Jooby Décor lamps of different shapes and light characteristics in order to create the smooth light ambiance and do not ruin the interior design of the place. Jooby Décor candle and bulb shaped lamps fitted in perfectly in all luminaires installed in MEAT ROOM.

  “Our restaurant stands out with its stylish ambience. And the light is the crucial element of it. We have tried using Jooby Décor LED lamps for creating the soft dim light we needed and are completely satisfied with the result. These lamps are breaking the prejudice that LEDs always create the cool harsh light.”

Mariam Akbarzadah, the Director of MEAT ROOM restaurant

Project outputs

Before implementing the project we have set the following goals:

  • to create the light that will be making the visit even more enjoyable

  • to decrease the amount of consumed electricity and the lamp replacement costs

As a result, we can see the restaurant in completely new light in both literal and figurative senses.

commercial led lighting

Used Jooby products

Jooby Décor LED Bulb E14, 4.2W

Décor LED Bulb E14, 4.2W

Article: JL-02.02

  • Clear diffuser
  • Luminous flux:  470 lm
  • Light color: warm white
  • Life time: > 60 000 h
  • Dimmable
  • 5 years warranty
Jooby Décor LED Candle E27, 4.2W

Décor LED Candle E27, 4.2W

Article: JL-02.15

  • Hazy diffuser
  • Luminous flux:  520 lm
  • Light color: neutral white
  • Life time: > 60 000 h
  • Dimmable
  • 5 years warranty

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