DEAN&DAVID Restaurant, Frankfurt

DEAN&DAVID Restaurant, Frankfurt


Dean&David Restaurant
Frankfurt, Germany

Jooby products:

Décor LED Bulb E14, 4.2W

About Dean&David restaurant

Since 2007 the Munich-based company dean&david has been offering fast, healthy and entirely fresh cuisine. The company now has more than ten stores in Munich and more than 50 outlets in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. The dean&david philosophy includes, among other factors, the use of natural and vitamin-rich foods which are certified free from artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers. The ingredients are delivered fresh in the morning and then made into delicious dishes - simple, healthy food freshly prepared by hand!


commercial led lighting

Why Jooby?

Healthy food should also look healthy. And lighting plays a crucial part in creating the right effect. The more natural is the light, the better it highlights the food freshness, interior coziness and visitors’ smiles.

But healthcare is not only about healthy food, light should also be caring to clients and staff.

Among the most important Jooby benefits are their low flickering level and high color rendering index. Altogether these features create the natural-like light which doesn’t cause headache and eye fatigue like CFLs or low grade LEDs do. You can stay under Jooby light for hours without feeling tired.


restaurant led lighting

About the project

The purpose was not only to replace the low grade LEDs by new ones but to emphasize the restaurant’s main feature-fresh and healthy food. And what can make the food look more natural than natural daylight? So neutral white Décor LED Bulb E14 became an optimal solution. 15 bulbs were enough to reach the intended effect and to lighten up the hall properly.

 “Our mission is to provide visitors with uncompromising freshness and balance. It concerns not only in our meal but also the entire entourage. Jooby Décor LED lamps that we installed are the great tool to reflect this holistic idea in every detail. Their light is bright and cozy, their design makes them fit into every interior. I would certainly use some of them at home too.”

Dirk Röper, CEO of dean&david rastaurant in Frankfurt

Project outputs

The benefits were noticeable right after the replacement:

  • The atmosphere became cozier and lighter

  • The design of Jooby Décor is much more suitable for the restaurant’s interior


Generally, the result can be described by a short phrase of Dirk Röper, CEO of dean&david restaurant:

 “I would say, the light is much healthy as our salads.”

Used Jooby products

Jooby Décor LED Bulb E14, 4.2W

Décor LED Bulb E14, 4.2W

Article: JL-02.09

  • Hazy diffuser
  • Luminous flux:  520 lm
  • Light color: neutral white
  • Life time: > 60 000 h
  • Dimmable
  • 5 years warranty

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