Lighting That Saves the Planet

Lighting That Saves the Planet

Every time you leave the room without turning off the lights you add extra money to your electricity bill. That’s not good, is it? But it’s even worse if we look in a global perspective.

 how lighting affects the environment

As we can see, what brings the light into our houses, causes damage to our own planet. And as energy crisis and ecological issue are becoming more and more urgent we should start thinking about ways of solving them. Using LED lighting for indoor and outdoor illumination is one of the easiest and most procurable solutions.

Let's see how Jooby LED lamps can become real Earth-saviors!

LED lighting environmental benefits


LEDs are inflaming a lightining revolution that can be compared with one that Thomas Edison did. And though Mr Edison was the one who launched the era of artificial lighting, it was Nick Holonyak's LED what made this light healthy and harmless. And all the facts mentioned above are proving it.

The new lighting era is about to begin. So maybe it's time for all of us to try LED? Learn how to choose an LED bulb to reach maximum use for your family budget, health and environment. 

Let us save the planet with LEDs!

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