LEDs are the Environment Best Friends

LEDs are the Environment Best Friends

After the era of technical progress and indifferent natural resources consumption we have become more eco-conscious. We understood that it is us who decide. Now we try to minimize the hazardous trace that we leave on Earth for future generations.

We buy the clothes made of organic fabrics, use dishwashers to minimize water and energy consumption and switch off the light each time we leave the room. Actually, there is a solution which helps to stop caring about it: LED lamps. It consumes about 10 times less energy than out-of date incandescent bulb. As a result, LEDs allow decreasing the CO2 emissions which support producing this energy.

There were other efforts to create energy efficient lighting - CFLs. The biggest flaw of these lamps is the content of mercury that is extremely toxic. LED lamps do not contain any hazardous substances and can be disposed in a regular way. Most of them are even made of recyclable materials.

There is no doubt that usage of LED lighting in households is reasonable. But it not only satisfies practical desire to save money, but also helps to fulfill the social duty of making our environment clean and safe.

So, let’s become eco-friendly with LEDs!

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