Harmony is What Everyone Seeks

Harmony is What Everyone Seeks

The artificial light has definitely become an integral part of our lives. But its quality still remains an issue. It is a big deal to find the light that looks natural and doesn't stress eyes. Our engineers did their best to create the light so harmonious that it doesn't cause any bothering effects. And there are seven features that defined the light quality we have reached:

1. Jooby Décor bulbs don't flicker

The high-frequency flickering produced by incandescent and luminescent bulbs is the main reasons of eye fatigue and headache. Jooby Décor construction allows minimizing the flicker level. This means less eye-strain and more focus.

2. Light that is so natural

Jooby Décor model range has high color rendering index. This means that their light doesn't distort the colors of surrounding objects. So you can use Jooby Décor even in photo studios and art galleries.

3. Jooby Décor shines bright from the very first second

Unlike many other energy efficient lighting solutions, LED-based Jooby Décor bulbs start instantly.

4. In harmony with environment

Super high efficiency confirmed by A++ energy class, makes Jooby LED lights an eco-friendly lighting solution. Using Jooby Décor helps to minimize CO2 emissions and to cut down electricity bills.

5. Hot N Cold

Jooby Décor includes the models with different light temperature. You can choose any option: cozy warm light or refreshing neutral tint.

6. 100% reliability

Electric grid fluctuations can disable electronics. Jooby Décor is resistant to voltage changes so you can be sure that Jooby Décor LED bulbs won't fail.

7. Jooby Décor on the same wavelength with your mood

Tune up the Jooby Décor’s light the way you need it by using dimmers - the semiconductor or resistor based tools for light brightness control. Dimmers are used not only in households, but also in large theatre or architectural lighting installations.

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