City of Stars: How Does the World Move to LED Lighting

City of Stars: How Does the World Move to LED Lighting

In the age of smart technologies, LED lighting becomes more and more popular owing to its efficiency and remote control functionality. You can meet them in various private and commercial projects. But the main users are still the cities. How do municipals of different countries benefit from its features? Learn it from our article.

The bright new dawn

European cities have already been using LEDs for ages. It was 2013 when the European Commission issued the directive setting detailed guidelines of LED lighting implementation. It aimed to help cities in creating sustainable strategy when switching to more eco-friendly street lighting and in bringing this strategy to life.


bluetooth led light bulb  led lantern 

But not all these cities blindly followed the preset way. A small city Wipperfürth in Germany uses smart LED fixtures to illuminate its streets. They transmit the useful information about the town via Bluetooth to all users of a special app. They can also help in finding a free parking slot. The streetlights look like pillars and are equipped with smart control system that allows changing the light’s RGB profile.

Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle municipal authorities have recently launched another smart-lighting project. In March 2015 they started using LEDs for arterial roads illumination. This helped to save up to 48 - 62 % of consumed electricity. Moreover, they reduce the air pollution as their manufacturing, work and maintenance produce less carbon dioxide.  Due to high CRI, they do not distort colors and distances. That makes the streets safer for drivers and pedestrians.


outdoor led lighting Considering all the benefits, LED implementation projects are extremely popular throughout the USA. The streets of Los Angeles became much safer since the authorities have installed smart fixtures that spot traffic accidents and inform the Rescue Service. The streetlights of San Hose are modified with a smart control system which adjusts their brightness level during bars’ and pubs’ closing hours to ensure the safety on the streets.


However, in June 2016 American Medical Association claimed LED street fixtures to be harmful for eyes and circadian rhythm, as their light is too cold. Nevertheless, many American cities such as Phoenix didn’t reconsider using LEDs. They’ve just started using warmer ones, with color temperature between 2700 and 4000 K, as they meet AMA recommendations.

One thousand and one nights

solar led lights  The United Arab Emirates have gone even further in terms of making street lighting energy efficient. They have equipped the fixtures with solar panels. Now they store the sunlight energy all day long to use it at night.


The Municipality of Abu Dhabi replaced 350 000 old streetlights by new LED-based fixtures. This allowed them to reduce the energy and maintenance costs from 267 million AED to only 44 million AED.

And the Al Barsha South district of Dubai now features LED traffic lights. They help to save 380368 kW/hour and 163.6 tons of CO2 annually. In future, the project will be expanded to Al Rashidiya and Nad Shamma districts.


led street light


Ukraine has also started to use innovative lighting technologies. Jooby LED streetlights are now installed in big and small cities all over Ukraine. Soon we plan to launch new model range of smart streetlights Jooby Avenue. They are aimed to make the illumination even more efficient, smart and simple.

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