What's so Special About LEDs? Should LED stay or should LED go?

What's so Special About LEDs? Should LED stay or should LED go?

We have used the electric light for over 100 years. Some technologies have replaced others.Some are still in use. But only LEDs are considered to become the future of artificial lighting.

Let’s see why LEDs are worth using.


First of all, LED lighting is outstandingly energy efficient. Consuming almost ten times less than incandescent lights they emit the equally bright light without any heat created.


Lower electricity consumption means not only smaller bills, but also less CO2 emissions. Besides, LEDs are made of recyclable materialsand don't contain hazardous substances. All that maked LED lamps eco-friendly and healthy lighting solution.


LED lamps have the longest lifetime among lighting technologies. They serve for up to 50 000 hours. But even after, they do not burn out. Moreover, they are resistant to physical damage. There are no fragile elements in their construction. LED lamps, like Jooby Décor, are made of polycarbonate which is absolutely unbreakable.


These three issues make LED lamps an attractive alternative to old lightning solutions.

Now we can only imagine how future technologies will look like. But one thing we can say for sure: LED's will become the most common lighting type quite soon.

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