Let's See What They're Made of!

Let's See What They're Made of!

Dozens of specialists in various fields put their efforts in developing Jooby Décor LED bulbs. Their knowledge and experience helped to create a product with unique properties for its price tier:


Low energy consumption

Bulbs’ rated wattage is only 4,2W. That’s 10 times less than the incandescent lamp of the same brightness consumes.


Extra-long lifetime

Jooby bulbs will work for over 60 000 hours (That’s 27 years of regular usage).


Harmonious light

Jooby Décor lamps have a high color rendering index (>80) and ultra-low ripple level (<5%).


Ultra-high efficiency

Jooby energy efficiency rate exceeds A++ class and provides high luminous efficacy of up to 130 lm/W.


Now we are ready to lift the veil and to show you what’s hidden inside the elegant case of Jooby Décor.

how led lamps work

1) Diffuser

The name speaks for itself. The general function of diffuser is to diffuse the light. The most common are clear and hazy caps. It also shapes the bulb and makes it look aesthetic.

But diffuser has another important mission – to protect us. It isolates the hottest part of a lamp, its chip, so the lamp’s surface remains cool. It also prevents us from looking directly at the light source.

The cap’s material also plays an important role. Jooby Décor’s diffuser is made of shock-proof polycarbonate. That makes the lamp unbreakable.

2) Reflector

It reflects up to 95% of incident light and provides its uniform distribution. It also provides aesthetic look and isolates electronics from hot chips.

3) Chip

We can boldly say that a LED chip makes a LED lamp, as it is the main beam element. Jooby Décor construction allows to reach an incredibly high luminous efficacy of 130lm/W:

  • Chips are placed on transparent thermal conductive ceramics. It helps to remove heat produced by them. The chips’ temperature never exceeds 80˚С. That prolongs the lifetime of bulbs and ensures their safe work.
  • Phosphor coating makes light smooth and pleasant.
  • Tungsten filament imitation makes Jooby lamps look cozy and homely.

4) Radiator

Effective heat sink can significantly prolong the bulb’s life-span. The radiator is made of injection-molded high-performance Makrolon® polycarbonate with thermal conductivity up to 22W/m·K which provides uninterrupted heat-transferring path.

5) Driver

Driver is an electrical device for AC-to-DC conversion that ensures LED’s functionality.

High-efficient driver of Jooby bulbs minimizes flickering (<5%) making the light safe for eyes.

6) Housing

White matt housing of Jooby LED bulbs is good looking and pleasant to touch. But it’s not only about beauty. Its material provides effective heat sink and shock-hazard protection.

7) Base

Jooby models possess 2 types of screw base:

  • Е27 – for standard luminaries
  • Е14 – for decorative and low power lamps..

That makes them applicable for most of popular fixture models.


As you can see, each element matters. That’s why even the tiniest details were selected and installed the way you could enjoy the harmonious light of Jooby Décor for many years.

Choose your Jooby in our catalogue and bring its harmonious shine to your place.


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