Once Upon a Time: Marvelous Lighting Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Once Upon a Time: Marvelous Lighting Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Childhood is the time of happiness and serenity. Therefore, each parent wants to furnish the children's room the way the child could feel comfortable and happy inside. In fact, this is a very important place for every kid as he plays, sleeps, dreams and learns there.  

The decoration process is exciting, interesting, and almost impossible without creative ideas and inspiration. Especially for parents, the Jooby team has prepared several LED ideas that will help to fill your child's world with magic.

1. Lady’s LEDs

The girl's room is her own queendom. Designer fixtures as well as LED fairy lights will create the atmosphere of a magical castle.


2. Fantastic world of superheroes

All boys are fidgets and dreamers, so the main task for their parents is to make the decoration unique and interesting. LED local lighting above the child's bed will create an atmosphere of coziness, and at the same time will fill the child's fantasies with future heroic deeds.


3. Who hides in the darkness?

Comparing to other rooms, the children’s room is a kind of fairy tale island. However, as soon as the room dives into the darkness, the kid’s exuberant imagination immediately draws thousands of horrible monsters. The soft light of LED nightlights doesn’t irritate eyes, provides a comfortable sleeping environment and allows seeing the entire room if the child wakes up at night.


4. Make your own magic

Dealing with the room’s design is also a good reason to spend time together. Children will be excited to help with building huts, house of cards or Indian wigwams. The main thing is to give free play to your fancy. LEDs of warm shades will help to decorate and illuminate this corner.



The kid’s room is the center of his world, so put your love and care in creating this world. It requires a special approach: take a little coziness, add a pinch of patience and season everything with a warm shimmering glow.

But before you start, make sure that the light bulbs are absolutely safe for your child's health. All models of Jooby are made of high-strength material that makes them almost unbreakable. They don’t overheat so your child won’t get burned. And the light is so soft and smooth that your child's eyes will not get hurt or tired even if he spends a lot of time inside. All these features make Jooby an excellent option for children's room illumination.

Your kid will surely appreciate your efforts.



Inspired by Kate DuvallVicki Bellkim scofieldGeekFaye MossJacquelyn HallthegreeneyedbrideLucia Akkermans and The Land of Nod

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