Light is Art: Sculpting with LEDs

Light is Art: Sculpting with LEDs

In search of new forms of self-expression artists experiment with the materials they use. And, of course, they could not resist using light, which creates the most beautiful effect in nature. And, as it became possible after compact LEDs development, they started their experiments. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing LED lighting artworks.

Light Stream by Jenny Holzer


American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer has created a series of artworks called "Light Strem". Each of 25 pieces of this collection is a multi-coloured LED sign. These signs show text fragments written by Holzer. One of them called “Truisms” is a composition of over 250 single sentence declarations that she wrote in the beginning of her career crafted to resemble existing aphorisms.


“Though I rely on minimalist configurations, for decades I have wanted to offer a massive, irrational, unpredictable heap of glittering displays. I am happy about the paradox — what appears wild, chaotic, and spontaneous is a greater technical puzzle and more difficult challenge to realize”

Jenny Holzer about her "light Stream"

Cyllinder II by Leo Villareal


Cyllinder II is a light waterfall made of 19 600 LEDs. Controlling them by computer Leo Villareal reaches unbelievable effects. Twinkling and sparkling lights move up and down creating the patterns resembling the star sky. Villareal's light sculptures are often installed on facades or inside buildings. They pacify the mind while giving it something to look at, like fish in aquarium.

CLOUD by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

CLOUD is an interactive sculpture created from 6 000 incandescent light bulbs, 5 000 of which were donated by public. If you take a careful look, you’ll see that incandescent light bulbs are only a diffusion layer, filtering bright white light from CFLs and LEDs beneath. Viewers may interact with the artwork switching bulbs on and off by pull chains. 


As incandescent bulbs are phased out in the European Union and many other countries around the world, the sculpture gains new meaning, asking an eternal question:

Where are we going next?

These three masterpieces are thriving examples of what a talented artist can make even of such an ordinary thing as light bulb. But, as LED lights are becoming more and more accessible, each of us may become an artist and turn his place into a personal artwork. Special series of LED lamps Jooby Décor will help you to make the illumination not only efficient but also aesthetic. 

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