About company

Jooby is a rapidly developing brand of the Infomir group, which aims not only to bring light into every space but also to make the LED technology closer to people.

Infomir has more than 15 years of experience in electrical engineering. Since late 90s, Infomir was implementing its elaborations in such fields as smart metering systems and telecommunications. In 2014, Infomir accepted a new challenge: to create LED lighting for a governmental tender. And this is how Jooby was born.

Jooby’s team is now looking for a sustainable position at the market. Young and inquisitive minds with access to up-to-date knowledge and older colleagues’ experience is a perfect ground for creating innovative and high-quality products.

Infomir has combined all the latest achievements of LED industry in Jooby. This helped to create a universal and harmonious lighting solution.

Jooby’s mission:

Jooby Décor brings harmonious light to every living space. Significant design and high energy saving rate make Jooby Décor safe for health, environment and budget.

Jooby Cobra provides an optimal solution for every community. With its high energy saving rate every project reaches a fast return of investment.

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